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Self-Publishing or Traditional Publishing

If we are given the option as writers between self-publishing our work and traditional publishing, we would all most certainly chose traditional publishing over self-publishing. That is until we realize the tremendous downside that comes with trying to get the attention of a traditional publisher.

Most Christian authors very much love the idea of having their books published by a traditional publisher, which does not require any money down upfront to publish a book. The greatest obstacle to this is that the chance of a traditional publisher taking any interest in a manuscript form an unknown author is very, very slim, no matter how good it is. And it is a very time-consuming and frustrating endeavour. Years can go by before a traditional publishing house might even look at a manuscript, much less publish it.

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Why Professional Editing for Your Christian Book Is a Must

Every writer, from new starts to famous authors and scholars is in need of careful editing. Without proper editing, your book will not meet professional standards. At Divine Grace we offer a very unique professional editing and publishing service-unlike any other. The minimum fee charged most publishing houses is about $1100.00, just for very basic editing. The majority of publishers will even try to tell you that you have to expect to pay at least $1100-$1200 at a minimum to get started if you want to have professional results-as if only they know what they are doing. This is a gimmick so they can overcharge you.

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Choosing The Right Publisher

Messages through Christian books is one way in which people will be encouraged and equipped to pursue their destinies in a godly manner. Publishing a Christian book is about reaching out to others. Christian books are not merely stories of entertainment; they are the testimonies and proof of the life in the Word of God. As a Christian author you should care about who represents you and whether they understand what you want to achieve. Your book should fulfil the intended purpose of the message that God instructed you to deliver. A publisher for such a godly inspired book should not be chosen on price or popularity.