Choosing The Right Publisher

Choosing The Right Publisher

Messages through Christian books is one way in which people will be encouraged and equipped to pursue their destinies in a godly manner. Publishing a Christian book is about reaching out to others. Christian books are not merely stories of entertainment; they are the testimonies and proof of the life in the Word of God. As a Christian author you should care about who represents you and whether they understand what you want to achieve. Your book should fulfil the intended purpose of the message that God instructed you to deliver. A publisher for such a godly inspired book should not be chosen on price or popularity.


We are confident that there were many other people who could play the harp but God chose David because David had his heart sold to God. What is the focus of your publisher? Is it their profits or are they are concerned about the people they are serving and reaching? When choosing a publishing company, it is vital that you source out their commitment to the work of God. What books have they published? What support is in place for the authors? Who makes the decision about what is written in the book, who is the editor and how does the book cover look? Who is the founder of the institution and what is his or her background? All these questions should be answered in line with the interests of people the book is designed to serve as the main priority.

Many Christian books do not make the impact intended. This is not because the message they carry is not valuable, but because the publishers are far too often not interested in purpose of the book. Christian publishers are like churches. Not every church is rooted on the true God of the Bible; many compromise the Word of God. The majority of Christian publishers regard their services as a niche to make money. Any Christian publishing company that publishes circular oriented fiction and storybooks is a confused organization that has no direction in the Word of God. A Christian publisher should be chasing growth in the Spirit of God and in the Word of God instead of opening up people’s minds to wonder in imagination of things that are not edifying and giving glory to God.

Divine Grace Publishing is a Christian publisher that provides the answers to the questions above. From the overseer to the partners, all are servants of God who have set themselves apart not to compromise any of God’s work. Divine Grace Publishing was set up from an experience that God inspired, so that doors could be opened for those God wants to use to speak to His people. Its foundation is vividly clear. It is not set up for financial gain. As a Christian author, you need to know that it’s not just about writing the book, but the foundation on which you set your book upon determines its success. Success not just in monetary terms, but about the book’s spiritual impact on people!

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