Self-Publishing or Traditional Publishing

Self-Publishing or Traditional Publishing

If we are given the option as writers between self-publishing our work and traditional publishing, we would all most certainly chose traditional publishing over self-publishing. That is until we realize the tremendous downside that comes with trying to get the attention of a traditional publisher.

Most Christian authors very much love the idea of having their books published by a traditional publisher, which does not require any money down upfront to publish a book. The greatest obstacle to this is that the chance of a traditional publisher taking any interest in a manuscript form an unknown author is very, very slim, no matter how good it is. And it is a very time-consuming and frustrating endeavour. Years can go by before a traditional publishing house might even look at a manuscript, much less publish it.


Due to the endless rejections of authors (first-time Christian authors in particular), in their determination to get their books ‘out there’ by all means, many eventually settle for self-publishing their books. Often times, many authors pay sizeable sums of money to self-publish their books with the sort of circular world publisher that usually promises a lot-but ends up delivering far less than the author has been made to expect.

The fees are very high and the final product for many Christian authors can be extremely disappointing, resulting in an unedited, badly laid-out book that has no chance whatsoever of competing for sales in the book market. The money spent is gone with nothing good to show for it.

Endless red tape exists in the publishing world. And many first time Christian authors hardly ever get thewell-deserved recognition and publicity for their work because of the unnecessary red tape. Indeed, some of the so-called traditional publishers targeting Christian authors are no more than self-publishing companies in disguise, and they use the same distribution channels that outright self-publishing companies use.

The publishing business has dramatically changed over the past decade where more and more authors are choosing self-publishing over trying to solicit the dead-end road of traditional publishers. If you ever come across any so-called traditional publishers asking you to partner with them, or wanting you to make some initial sizeable investment so they can promote your book to ensure it sells tons of thousands, then know for sure they are self-publishers/vanity publishers that are masquerading themselves as traditional publishers.

Divine Grace is a Christian self-publishing company and we do not hide the fact that we are a self-publishing company. As a Christian self-publishing company, we are dedicated to publishing genuine Holy Spirit-inspired-writings. Our main focus and priority is to provide Christian authors the opportunity of having a highly professional well-edited, God glorifying book while keeping the costs significantly lower than other self-publishing companies. We are low on cost and high on quality.

In a relatively short time, Divine Grace can have your book thoroughly and professionally edited, beautifully laid-out and published. We are very different from other publishers all together in that we take our work seriously as a God-given, God-glorifying ministry. We aim to assist all our authors to birth their inspired books into the world painlessly and we are committed to offering all our authors both the professional and spiritual support required to ensure their books are published well above their expectations.

We are not about how much profit but about nurturing authors and supporting them professionally and spiritually to ensure that they fulfil their purpose in line with the will of God. We are totally dedicated to bringing out the best in your work. We maintain very high-standards for all our publications.

Our overall commitment is exploring the dynamic possibilities for all our authors, supporting them in their writing ministries to fulfil their God-given mandate of spreading their Christian message throughout the world to the glory of God. Divine Grace is flexible and always willing to go the extra-mile to ensure that each book we accept for publishing is given full-attention to detail in order to bring about a highly pleasing, professional result.

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