Why Professional Editing for Your Christian Book Is a Must

Why Professional Editing for Your Christian Book Is a Must

Every writer, from new starts to famous authors and scholars is in need of careful editing. Without proper editing, your book will not meet professional standards. At Divine Grace we offer a very unique professional editing and publishing service-unlike any other. The minimum fee charged most publishing houses is about $1100.00, just for very basic editing. The majority of publishers will even try to tell you that you have to expect to pay at least $1100-$1200 at a minimum to get started if you want to have professional results-as if only they know what they are doing. This is a gimmick so they can overcharge you.


Then they will go on to tell you that they offer a variety of editing packages depending on your needs. The editing base price quickly escalates and before you know it, after your manuscript is picked apart they will tell you it will cost you thousands of dollars or pounds for the editing alone. This is nothing more than pure nonsense and greed. A good professional dedicated, Spirit-filled editor will never take advantage of another believer, neither will a good publisher.

At Divine Grace our editing fee is unusually very low in order to make it possible for aspiring Christian writers to actually have their book published. This is our mission. Our professionals work far below their usual fees in order to make it possible to help other Christians get their heartfelt messages out into the world. Every manuscript that has been submitted to us has always needed editing that goes far beyond basic grammar, punctuation and sentence structure correction. The before and after results are remarkable giving the finished book a polished, professional look overall. We pay attention to small details and ensure you will get the best results.

We treat each client as a unique individual working to bring out the best in every manuscript. We do whatever it takes to achieve the best editorial results with no added fees. It is foolhardy to think that without professional editing that all the work you put into your writing will stand on its own without careful preparation before the final printing and publishing process. Professional editing is a must if you want to be considered a professional writer and author.

Divine Grace provides full assistance in manuscript editing, proofreading, formatting, and other publication support services. We are committed to help Christian authors better organize their thoughts and present them in a more cohesive manner-which your targeted readers will be able to fully appreciate. We ensure that manuscripts are polished and ready for publication.

Our manuscript editing services include capitalization and punctuation check and correction; grammar correction, reconstruction of problematic or weak sentences; deleting redundancies of thoughts and sharpening the vocabulary used. In some cases, when requested, ghostwriting is applied wherein we greatly improve the author’s writing style and content.

In addition to these services, we also edit overall wordiness and change unsuitable words that weaken a manuscript and replace them with stronger more effective word choices. However, we will never change the message you imply in your work. We will only restructure it to improve overall clarity and organization of your manuscript. We respect your work, so we will retain the overall tonality and presentation of your manuscript. We will only make revisions when necessary.

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