EBook Conversion


EBook Conversion

A printed book or manuscript is never the same as an eBook. There are certain guidelines that need to be considered when converting your book to an online format. Through our comprehensive eBook conversion services, we can help you tap the online market and spread your Christian message all over the world. We can convert your Christian manuscripts to eBooks that are in compliance of Web standards and best practices for online publishing. From formatting to data conversion to technical publishing, we ensure that the quality of your eBook is not sacrificed and will appear the way you want it to, maintaining rich layout for best visual appeal.

We support all major formats of eBook conversion. Whether you want your work to be read on desktops, tablets, or mobile phones, we will convert and optimize it accordingly. We do ePub, Kindle, Mobi, PRC, and MS Lit conversions.

We can help you increase your readership with our (Kindle and ePub) combined eBook Conversion £199 package for standard eBook formatting. {nicepaypal:buy|199|Standard EBook Conversion}

Please note that the cost might increase if for instance your book requires more complex formatting.